Facebook Marketing Terms

Online Marketing Agreement (FacebookTM)

Online Marketing Agreement between

Worldwide Marketing Solutions Ltd



"The Buyer"

Facebook™ Advertisements:
All Facebook™ advertising campaigns are based on buyer specific demographic information chosen at the point of sale.

Duration of Contract:
Upon receipt of payment for services Worldwide Marketing Solutions  Limited deems the buyer to have read and agreed to these terms.  All Facebook™ advertisements follow the policies and

Upon receipt of payment the buyer agrees to this contract.

This contract will automatically renew for one further calendar month, from the date of entering into the agreement and each month thereafter until we receive a pause or cancellation notice. If the payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday then it will be taken on the previous working day.

The seller will activate the buyer’s advertisement within 48 working hours of the initial order date unless otherwise agreed between the buyer and seller at the point of sale.
All Facebook™ advertisements follow the policies and guidelines as defined by Facebook™. Such polices and guidelines include demographic and geographical targeting. For more information on Facebook’s™ latest policies please visit www.facebook.com.
The seller accepts no responsibility for copyright issues on adverts created on the buyers behalf where content of a graphical or textual nature have been supplied by, or permission granted by, the buyer from any source which is to be included in the buyers advertisement.
Impressions Guarantee:
The number of guaranteed impressions is based on the package selected by the buyer. Guaranteed numbers of impressions are based on specific demographic criteria which are controlled and provided by Facebook™. These criteria include age, gender and location. Changes to the demographic criteria may affect the number of guaranteed impressions available.


Pause Notice:
Adverts can be paused at any time throughout any month and be brought offline immediately, with regards to billing, any monthly renewals due within 30 days of the pause notification will still be due and the remaining marketing owed activated once the adverts are requested to be un-paused and put back online.

Cancellation of contract:
Within your first month you can cancel your agreement with immediate effect via telephone or email. After your first month a notice period of thirty days is required to cancel your Facebook Marketing, again by telephone or email.

Cancellation by email must be directed to customerservice@worldwidems.co.ukor Tel: 0161 814 9458

Any chargeback’s requested by the client to their credit card company will be strongly contested by Worldwide Marketing Solutions  Ltd through a dedicated credit control team.
Any successful chargeback’s back to the client's card will result in arrears on your account with Worldwide Marketing Solutions  Ltd. Therefore, the outstanding amount (i.e. equal to the chargeback amount) will be due to us from the client. In the event of this outstanding amount remaining unpaid after a period of 30 days the account will then be transferred to an independent third party debt recovery team who will also add an administration fee of £150 + vat on top of the original amount charged back. This can also adversely affect you from being able to obtain credit in the future.
Any Chargeback lost by the client will result in Worldwide Marketing Solutions  Ltd charging an administration fee of £150 + vat for the time and resources taken to prove that the monies were in fact owed to Worldwide Marketing Solutions  Ltd in the first case.

Occasionally it is possible that you may have a complaint in which you would like us to address. Then to ensure we can offer the most efficient service to all of our customers, we require that it is put in writing to us at the address at the top of these terms of service.

Please Note: All ‘DONOTREPLY’ Email accounts are not monitored so we strongly advise NOT to use this for email correspondence as we can’t guarantee a response.

Kind regards
Worldwide Marketing Solutions